Welcome to Plug-in Highway

The conference will focus on the range of opportunities and challenges that Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (PHEV) present for sustainable transportation. It will provide a forum for collaboration amongst industry, academia, utilities, governments and institutions to understand how PHEV technologies integrate into current and future transportation systems and the electrical power grid.

The conference will focus in part on:

  • establishing a Canadian network of researchers focused on PHEV related issues,
  • focus on the simulation of advanced vehicles to optimize the effective use of renewable resources,
  • reviewing on-going demonstrations PHEV project across North America, and
  • discussion of the possible role of Canadian government in supporting PHEV development.

Conference highlights include:

  • workshop to create a network of Canadian researchers focused on PHEV and PEV,
  • review of on-going PHEV and PEV demonstrations in North America,
  • tour of New Flyer hybrid bus manufacturing plant (attendance limited),
  • courses on simulation of vehicles by leading experts,
  • public PHEV forum to help educate the public at large (Download Brochure),
  • development of a PHEV bus demonstration project using B100 as part of the Plugin Highway program, and
  • display of PHEV vehicles and batteries.

If you have a keen interest in PHEV and sustainable transportation, we hope that you will join us.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Car Savings

Just the mention of owning a vehicle and expenses are sure to come along together with it, as there are particular times when you need to bring your car in for repairs and maintenance as well as consulting for car insurance Calgary open Sunday plus other necessary work that needs to be done to ensure that your automobile is always at optimal working condition. This does not mean though that you cannot look into the aspect of getting in some savings along the way since there are some guidelines you can use to help you cut down on your car costs.

Be Hands On

A considerable amount of car needs that you have to address on a regular basis may leave you to pay for a bit more than usual when in fact you could pay a fraction of that cost when you do the task on your own, which is why it is important for you as a car owner to be able to have the means of doing these basic car work. Learning how to deal with immediate repairs and replacements plus even the task of car cleaning can help you manage a few dollars saved up, and although it may not seem much now but with constant practice you can guarantee to have sum of money that you can allocate for other car needs.

Never Get Delayed

In terms of regular maintenance from either your dealership or a car mechanic, it is a priority for you to consider always getting the work done at the time that it is suppose to be done and not a moment in delay especially since a lot of those times, more wear and tear on particular parts can result in a lot more expenses. Stay within these schedules as strictly as you can so that you can manage lesser costs as opposed to any delays in work done that often result to a lot more replacements and even possible damages to other functioning parts that lead to a lot more repair costs.

Drive with Care

The regularity of times that you bring your car on the road will lead to a lot more expenses for you, just simply with the amount of fuel that you would need to use for your car each time you travel or are on the road but aside from this the way you drive is also a big factor for you to cut down on your car expenses and instead have more money saved up. Decreasing the times you use your vehicle especially when the places you need to go to can easily be accessed plus handling all driving function with proper use and caution each time can definitely help you save up most of your supposed expenses and eventually the savings can help you deal with other more important car needs.

Select Quality Products

Your car needs a list of high quality products especially for car cleaning and even those that are used for the engine like different fluids and fuels, which is why among all of these different products you have to be certain that these, are all accredited and can really be used for your vehicle. Often the mistake for those car owners who look to save money is to get some of those products that cost less however you should be wary about those and always have to make sure that those are not only reasonably priced but also still have the quality that you need and at the same time it is really suited for your vehicle so that you will not encounter any trouble that could add to expenses than savings.