Simulation Courses

PSCAD: Analysis and design of vehicle to grid interconnection

Course description: The course will present methods for modeling and simulation of vehicular power systems using the PSCAD/EMTDC transient simulation program. Physics-based modeling of mechanical components of the vehicle and the forces involved will be presented, followed by introduction of methods for building computer models interfaced with the power electronic drive train components. The course will use hands-on experiments with the transient simulator to facilitate understanding. Once a model is constructed, methods for performing computer experiments will be presented; use of optimization for tuning of controller and design of auto-drivers will also be presented.

PSAT: Simulation of electric mobility vehicles using PSAT

Course description: PSAT is developed by Argonne National Laboratories and is used for vehicle simulations. The course will focus on building a PHEV simulation by integrating various vehicle component models. Participants will get to learn and practice how to use PSAT to build a PHEV vehicle. Libraries modules will be explained. Discussion of how validation of the models will also be discussed.

Using Simulink for off-line and real-time modeling of vehicle powertrain and Opal-RT blocksets

Course description: Opal-RT Technologies Inc. provides a range of HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) simulation services and products – from small rapid control prototyping systems to large-scale distributed real-time simulators, and turnkey engineering simulators – specializing in applications where plant model fidelity and fault tolerance requirements push rapid control prototyping and HIL testing to their limits. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an introduction to Opal-RT simulators with focus on products and solutions for hybrid vehicles simulation. Topics covered include challenges in real-time simulation, Simulink and Opal-RT blocksets simulation tools and detailed off-line and real-time simulation of power electronic components, hybrid vehicles and PHEV effects on small and large power grids.